How to get free gems in Clash Of Clans without jailbreak

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Download Link To me, Clash of Clans represents a tentative but significant step towards changing this, though it’s a step that few take the time to recognise. See, Clash of Clans asks you to be good at the game as well as patient, and for that it deserves recognition. Clans asks you to build a village and populate it with everything the warring tribe you’re leading might need. A town hall for leadership, a gold mine for money, an army camp to hold your warriors, an Elixir collector to gather up this additional resource from the ether – pretty soon you’ve got plenty of architectural work to be getting on with. As you build and expand your small camp into a burgeoning fortress you unlock more building types, but never enough to weigh you down with choices. Hit a high enough level and you can take over the Clan Castle, allowing you to forge allegiances with other players, upgrade your barracks, and create different types of unit. There are more than enough types of unit to unlock, but not enough for any of them to seem perfunctory on the battlefield. It’s in the battles that you first appreciate the necessity for skill. The first few battles with the AI are easy-peasy. Simply build enough Barbarians to overrun the Goblin hideout, and watch them take it apart. Then you’re given access to archer units, and you’re thinking, “well, this is easy, I’m storming through these.”

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